At Solid Base Consult, we help domain experts find the simplest possible solution using technology and creative design thinking.

We help our enterprise customers take control of their technology, boost creativity and eliminate wasted time from idea to market.

We help startups get their solutions to the market and monetize as soon as possible while building the right culture.

Domain-Driven Design

We use Domain-Driven Design so that your technical mimics your business. Your software will follow what the business needs and your code becomes a projection of your real-life business domain.


We help you define the challenges in your business and identify the simplest possible solution using the well proven Even-Storming technique (by Alberto Brandolini.)

We define the solution using Domain driven design so the code reflects what matters for your business.

We make the solution that will solve your problem, maintain it, and introduce your team on the ways it will enhance your business.



 Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.  Albert Einstein. Solutions should be made simple enough for their intended audience to be able to use them, but not oversimplified to the point where they become an illusion. If the solution is more complex than the problem it intends to solve, both the …


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